Feminized seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds of indica and sativa strains.

Feminized marijuana seeds for indoor and outdoor.

Feminized marijuana seeds guarantee us that the plants will be 100% female, thus greatly optimizing work times and results. This makes them the best option for indoor and outdoor crops.

Within the catalog of marijuana seeds of our bank we have sativa and indica varieties. Among all these varieties of feminized cannabis seeds we find many differences in terms of effects, flavors, production and the days needed for flowering.

Depending on the climate of each area it will be convenient to have the seeds with the most appropriate characteristics. For very cold and humid climates we will always use the shortest flowering varieties. For places with warm climates all varieties are suitable.
We have varieties of cannabis seeds of all types, with different percentages in content of substances such as THC, CBD and THCV. The KETAMA CBD is our variety with the highest level of CBD.

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