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Buy feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds

Buy feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds for indoors and outdoors

Buy marijuana seeds in our online store

In the official online store of KETAMA SEEDS you can see the complete catalog of varieties and buy marijuana seeds safely.

All the cannabis seeds of the catalog of our bank are of high quality and 100 % feminized.

Marijuana varieties with the most special nuances of the genetics in question, cannabis sativa, indica and different hybridizations.

Buy marijuana seeds of different genetics, of all types of cannabis with different peculiarities that create their own personality in terms of flavors, aromas and colors.

The best marijuana seeds of excellent varieties resulting from the hybridization of great genetics from all over the world.

The seeds of our seed bank have very high levels of stability and homogeneity.

These factors mean that we can be talking about the best marijuana in the world.

Cannabis seeds of strains with indica ancestry that come originally from places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal and the north of India. The plants of this type are strong, bushy, give off great aromas and in the area of the nodes are appearing large flowers very heavy and compact. The varieties of cannabis seeds of indica descent have a short flowering period, so they are harvested earlier than the sativas. When we speak about medical cannabis, the varieties of cannabis indica are the most recommended for these uses.

Marijuana seeds of sativa strains descending from equatorial areas such as Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Jamaica, South India, and Colombia among other countries. The specimens of genetics with sativa ancestry always give very tall plants and with their branches full of big buds somewhat less heavy than those of varieties of cannabis indica. The flowering time of cannabis sativa plants is longer and the waiting time is always rewarded with a higher psychoactivity.

Buy the best quality seeds

Our cannabis seed bank carefully selects several quality parameters of each of the seeds that come on the market.

Buy the best marijuana seeds of varieties that we have been working throughout these last years that surprise for their qualities and high levels of stability. In addition all of them are characterized by being very productive both in indoor and outdoor crops.

Marijuana seeds always packaged in optimal conditions of conservation and protected so that they are not damaged during transport.

Cannabis seeds that are always shipped on time and received by our customers in the fastest and most discreet way.

You are the most important thing for our seed bank.

We are very conscious that the purchase of cannabis seeds always means an important investment for the buyer, adding this great reason to our company philosophy, we conserve all our seeds under strict parameters and conservation controls.

Cup winning marijuana seeds

Our cannabis seeds are very appreciated by the different regions of the world, to the point of having obtained several prizes in important cannabis cups with different varieties such as CREATIONINSPIRATIONKETAMA CHEESECREATIVE o MUJICA GOLD.

Cannabis seeds with high CBD levels

Different types of marijuana for different uses and occasions.

Corresponding to the need and demand for marijuana with high levels of CBD you can now buy marijuana seeds of our KETAMA CBD, a variety with a rich flavor as well as being very versatile in terms of uses.

The level of satisfaction of customers who decided to buy marijuana seeds from KETAMA SEEDS is among the highest in the world market.

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