Shipping FAQs

From our online store we ship to any country in all regions of the planet.

Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and the rest of the regions of the planet receive home deliveries of our cannabis seeds.
The shipping method is always very discreet, the sender is a person, and has no external sign related to its content.

We send through Correos de España and the delivery is made by the postal company of your country, at your home or at the delivery address that you give us during the purchase.

If at the moment that the letter carrier goes to make the delivery there is no one in the place, he leaves a notice to be able to go to pick it up by the corresponding post office.

For all orders, you will always be able to know where your purchase is through a tracking code provided by Correos and we will send you an e-mail when your order leaves our offices.

Delivery times of the orders of our store of cannabis seeds:
We prepare our cannabis seeds store orders the day after we receive them,

in Spain they are delivered in 24 – 48 hours.

Europe: 2- 5 days

United States 5 days

Central, North and South America:


BOLIVIA 10-15 days

CHILE 10-15 days

COLOMBIA 10-15 days

COSTA RICA 15-20 days

CUBA 10-15 days

ECUADOR 10-15 days


PUERTO RICO: 6- 8 days

MEXICO, 20 – 30 days

PANAMA 10-15 days

PARAGUAY 10-15 days

PERU 10-15 days



URUGUAY 10 days

VENEZUELA 10-15 days

Rest of the continent 12 – 15 days

Africa: 15 – 20 days





Visiting our cannabis seeds store you can see all the characteristics and prices of the different varieties that make up the catalog of KETAMA SEEDS, in it you will find feminized and autoflowering seeds of different genetics valid for growing both indoors and outdoors.

The buyer is responsible for knowing the laws in this regard in their country of residence.


Possession of hemp seeds in Spain does not constitute a crime (Vienna Convention of 1961). Cannabis cultivation may be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions (Art. 25.1 of the Organic Law for the Protection of Public Safety and Art. 368 of the Penal Code).

The importation, possession and sale or distribution of cannabis seeds are not regulated by law in accordance with the unilateral treaty on narcotic drugs agreed in Vienna in 1961.

In some countries such as Spain, the cultivation of cannabis seeds by companies, associations or individuals, without proper authorization may constitute a crime, so the sale or distribution of seeds in these countries is exclusively for industrial applications, collecting, or preservation of genetics.

Distributors and customers of Ketama Seeds accept the specific restriction that the seeds are not used by third parties for illegal purposes or against the law.

Likewise it is not intended to encourage or induce anyone to act against the law and that everyone is responsible for their actions. Our customers must accept all of the above regarding the export of cannabis seeds to countries where it is illegal.

Ketama seeds assumes no responsibility for the use or use outside the law that are given to these seeds for collection.

In Spain and many other European cities it is legal to commercialize hemp seeds. But in your country they may be forbidden, our advice is to inform yourself first about their legality, otherwise you will have to take full responsibility for your actions. Ketama Seeds cannot be held responsible for the different regulations that apply in each country.

The purchase of these products from countries where marijuana seeds are prohibited by law is prohibited. However, if a buyer from a country not mentioned above irresponsibly buys any of these products without having previously informed himself about the local laws in this regard, the company declines all responsibility for possible legal problems and will not reimburse for materials stopped or rejected by customs in the performance of their duty.

The descriptions of these and other products for sale on this website have been extracted from companies and specialized books written in countries where the laws do not prohibit the consumption of certain psychoactive substances such as Holland, or as in Uruguay also the cultivation of cannabis, this means that the fact that some descriptions make allusions to its effects after its consumption IN NO CASE means that you can consume them, it is mere information since these products are sold only for medical and therapeutic uses, to botany students, naturalists, collectors, souvenirs of Holland, etc.

If they are used for human consumption, it will always be under the sole responsibility of the buyer and the company declines any possible responsibility for this fact.

We ask for your commitment and responsibility.