Jack Herer, a legend was born

Jack Herer. The man and the plant

Jack Herer, one of the most important cannabis activists

Taljing about Jack Herer, one doesn’t know which concept is more relevant. Jack Herer, the legendary activist? Or Jack herer, the mythical genetic created to pay homage to the man of analogous name? It is a difficult question because they both gave birth to a milestone that continues lasting for decades. Anyway, the variety is and will be synonymous of excellence.

It was Sensi Seeds the bank that created this strain as a way to thank and pay homage to this human being who became one of the most important activists in the contemporary history of hemp legalization. Beside writing the famous book “The Emperor wears no clothes”, Herer became an activist after the empirical study of the medical possibilities of hemp.

After studying the effects of hemp in the veterans from Korea war who suffered Post – traumatic stress syndrome, and seeing the excellent results obtained with cannabis he got completely involved in the battle for legalization.

The strain known as Jack Herer is the result of a hybrid obtained among different Haze landraces that later was crossed with another cross between a Northern Lights 5 and a Shiva Skunk. Through this process, not only the Haze varieties became stabilized, the result was a plant with a clear sativa effect but with the production of a indica genetic. The final result is a beautiful plant full of sticky resin with snowy crystals. Its effect keeps being unparalleled. It is a variety that never will be old fashioned and will keep remaining as the champion it is.

The balance between sativa (55%) and indica (45%) makes that most of its consumers define it as a plant of joyful effect, almost euphoric, and highly creative. I would personally add the mental lucidity plus the physical and mental wellness we experience after a few drags. Having an almost balance between sativa and indica, its users consider the effect as basically sativa.

Its organoleptic properties are mostly spiced , heritage of its Haze ancestors, with clear reminiscences of conifers. It has won several international cups and prizes of great reputation. One of them was the High Times Cup seventh edition.

It can be cultivated, as it is indeed, in very sunny and hot climates like Spain and other Mediterranean countries. It is strong and easy to cultivate due to its capacity to fight against pathogens and pests.

Anyway, its effect is so valued by the grower who looks for the best cannabis that its reputation talks for itself. All growers wish to have always some of its flowers at hand.

It has a clear tendency to produce different phenotypes depending on the conditions of culture and climate. But even in poor conditions the result will be brilliant.

Almost from the moment it was born, the Jack Herer obtained an enormous international prestige and it was recognized in Holland as a medicine strain.

As a tribute to this excellent marijuana genetic, Ketama Seeds has included in the catalogue of our bank of seeds two nice and productive varieties that contain its genes in their crosses. Critical Herer, that is a feminized seed, plus its autoflowering version Critical Herer Auto. And more recently our Diesel Herer, that is a feminized strain.